This is where we launch initiatives, ideas and share stories from time spent on Lake Hawea Station - enjoy!

Together we have developed a guided alpine adventure with exclusive access for a group of teens OR teens and a parent. It's hard to imagine anything more important than making memories with your young person or enabling your teen to learn resilience and life skills in a supportive unique ecosystem.
“Owner of LHS Geoff Ross still recalls being a 13yr old boy stuck for days with his father in a hut waiting for a weather window making a Damper and sweetening it with Jam found in the old hut - we can guarantee the same fond memories but promise much better food!”

Bob McLachlan AKA Big Water Bob .... is a World Adventure Racing Champion, who has spent most of his lifetime guiding around the globe. Bob is sought after as a multisport coach and as an outdoors ambassador. This Is the man you'd want to be stranded on a deserted island with - not only for his build-a-shelter-with-his-bare-hands capabilities but also his treasure trove of stories. He is the ultimate mentor for any teen and a great guy to hang out with and have some yarns. Coupled with his ability to relate to all ages, Bob holds current first aid qualifications. Best Foot Forward Website

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Your Ultimate Adventure:
Explore rugged ridgelines, sky scraper rock castles and 4WD tracks, canyon and build dams and spot beautiful young stags and other extraordinary wild life. Meet the second most endangered reptile in NZ and search for one of the rarest fish – the Flat Head Galaxiid. Or look up and see the Karearea our critically endangered native falcon.

In a steeped-in-history back country musterer's hut - carefully restored with comfort in mind but still rustic … because that's the point. Sit around a fire and make smores together.

The beautiful bush-lined Breast Creek with its rockslides, pools and canyon waterfall.

Basic navigation skills and then put them to the test in a map-reading challenge through some of NZ's finest ALPINE backcountry.

Take a technology hiatus and enjoy reconnecting around the campfire. Emergency communication is always available.

To fuel your bodies and minds we have hearty southern campfire cuisine at its finest! We provide Lake Hawea Station grown Merino Lamb, locally sourced produce, delicious s'more creations and healthy seasonal fruit and snacks. Food always tastes better in the outdoors. Keeping hydrated is easy with the purest water sourced straight from the alpine streams.

A native tree together with your names on a brass plaque beneath to commemorate your adventure.

Lake Hawea Station is an historic sheep and beef station just 20 minutes from Wanaka and a 1.5hr drive from Queenstown Airport. We offer a flight from QT Airport to the LHS airstrip or Grace will pick you and/or your teen up in the LHS Ranger. The adventure takes you past the homestead and over the pass to the sub alpine and alpine back country. 6.5 thousand hectares – just for you. Bob will run a masterclass – these mountains are where his expertise is on full display. If you wish to join your child for just a portion of the adventure we can offer you a bespoke cottage (see accommodation) while Bob heads out with the kids for three days. Intrepid Teen and Intrepid Teen offers exclusive access into backcountry rarely seen although a small corner is also home to a Te Araroa Trail crossing, you will be adventuring deeper than most.

“Raising two boys I often couldn’t keep up with their appetite for adventure and access to true wilderness was always hard to gain, sometimes I just wanted to send them safely and be near enough to share the excitement but also rest myself – We wanted to offer the me ten years ago this opportunity, I also noticed in the city so many kids who lacked outdoor confidence and aptitude – nature seems to me to be the antidote to urban afflictions” Owner LHS Jussie Ross

“For me Intrepid Teen & Team is all about sharing an amazing experience face-to-face with a family member, or new-found friends. The activities are designed to help build relationships over the three days, as you learn new skills and pitch in to help others in situations where you have more ability. I love hut life, as it takes us back to basics and food always tastes amazing after you’ve spent the day outside and it’s been cooked over a campfire! We will get away from your everyday, increase your outdoor capabilities and have some laughs along the way.”
Your Guide Bob McLachlan

"Remember who you are and find out who you could be"