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Geoff Ross

Across all our environment related activities at LHS we believe Carbon must be the lead. Ultimately it is the carbon profile of all of us that will determine the earths ability to compete in the fight against climate change.

We are proud to say that the carbon profile of LHS is positive. We sequester more carbon and green house gasses than we emit. At LHS we call this ‘CARBON CLEAR’. In fact our ultimate goal is to become 10 x positive — to, really go into bat for planet earth.

The exciting part for us now is what more can we do ? We can certainly plant more tress. We are under way with this and a goal of planting 10,000 native trees per year for 10 years. As we learn more about a low carbon world we are learning trees are only part of the equation. Tussocks are actually a great sequester of carbon and we would love to team up with a study to get measurement of these native plants. Soil has to be the unsung hero of carbon sequestering. With the LHS move to Regenerative Agriculture we know that greater plant diversity builds greater amounts of carbon in the soil. This has multiple benefits - Better for the plants, better for our animals , lower input and better for our planet. ( It's why we often say Reintegrative is about creating more, from less ). It is said that if the earth could increase soil carbon levels by just .04% we could reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere to that of before the industrial age. Early Regenerative Agriculture trials in NZ are getting a move of 1% already ! Hence our reason fro getting very excited about what is under our feet.

On the emissions side we plan to be fully fossil fuel free on LHS. We already have a lot of Solar in use, and hope to add in our own mini Hydro. We have e bikes and we hope to be first with an EV tractor. On sheep and cattle we are investigating trials with seaweed that significantly lower methane emissions. One report is claiming a 90% reduction in methane. We will want to be jumping into this as soon as we can. This and the other options should have us leaping and bounding to that 10 x positive goal.

"Whether with our LHS Carbon Clear wool , our food or your visits to LHS we hope you enjoy knowing that you will be contributing to a low carbon world. Thank you."

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