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It’s become clear that farms and their ecosystems are not just places of business they are giant classrooms. We want to share ours with tomorrow’s leaders.

We have packaged together multiple farming experiences filled with fun & educational activities that highlight the importance of sustainability, protection of native biodiversity and of course everyday farm activities made extra sweet with our newest spring arrivals.

We believe in creating a carbon clear future for todays kids and we are keen to share our knowledge and diverse environment with the leaders of tomorrow.

These packages are additional farm experiences that can be added onto to any cottage bookings especially for the school holidays but will be available all through summer.

The Muster – Includes 2 hour farm tour with meet and greet with a Shepherd and hisworking dogs. $130 per child

The Shepherd – A night in the LHS historic shepherds huts, with an afternoon and following morning of on farm activities.

Starting the tour off at 3pm with meet and greet with a shepherd and his working dogs down at The Hound Hilton, followed by a farm tour checking on the newest lambs. Finish the day off roasting s’mores around one of the fire pits. The next morning starts with a woolshed tour and fine merino wool display, followed by a mountain bike tour down to the lake front.
$200 per child.

The Eco Educator – 2 nights stay in the hub of Lake Hawea Stations Endangered Species Protection Program.
Arriving at Lake Hawea Station starting off with picking out your native tree to plant, then heading down the lake to choose your spot, check the area for pests and set traps. Head back to base camp and learn to build a fire to cook some goodies. In the morning head down the lake to check traps and critter spot, enjoy packed picnic lunch in the Mature Kowhai Grove. An afternoon hike up to the brand new scenic lookout for birding, set up with binoculars and a bird guide book. The next morning a fish in the pond for Trout.
$300 per child.

The Mountain Goat – An on station training day before venturing into the backcountry for an overnight stay.
Starting the adventure with some on station training, a quick farm tour of the flat land. Head down the lake to check out some traps and learn to set them. Back to Packhorse Cottage for the night and a fire building session. Day 2 you will prepare to head out to Lizard Hut in the LHS backcountry. Before lunch we will learn some essential skills of animal tracking, spotting and learning to use a radio to communicate, these must be mastered before heading into the back country. Hike up to the Old Airstrip applying before the 4WD trip over The Saddle and into Lizard Hut. Using your fire building skills to cooked your packed dinner over the open fire. After you night in Lizard Hut you search for endangered species a careful eye for the Grand Skink extremely rare but recently sighted near the hut. The Journey back begins tracking and spotting animals on the return, pick up from The Old Airstrip – Backcountry mission complete.
$400 per child.

Coming Soon! “Intrepid Teen” & “Intrepid Teen and Mates”. Details about this offering for the older ones and mates, cousins or birthday groups is coming

For more details on Kids Go Farming experiences please email Grace Carruthers or call 0278411502

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