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Geoff Ross


This was the headline in international fashion bible Vogue Magazine recently. At LHS we are obviously fans of ReGen, but when parties like Vogue start singing its praises you get a sense of just how powerful it could become globally in our battle against carbon.

As yet there is no one definition or any neat formula to express exactly what ReGen is. So we here at LHS are going to express it in our terms from what we have seen so far - and fair to say, we still have a lot to learn.

We love ReGen because :

• Diversity creates healthier animals. The ol cliche ’Variety is the Spice of Life’ could just well be the lead phrase for ReGen. Because plant variety is key. Traditional pasture types in NZ have largely been one to two plant types. ReGen is 20 or even 30 plus. What would make you healthier ? Only ever eating lettuce or having open access to a full salad bar ? Plant diversity creates healthier animals.

• Diversity to give healthier soils. More plant types mean more nutrient exchange in the soil, better levels of fungi and bacteria and more sequestration of atmospheric carbon. This means healthy soils, creating a healthier planet, growing healthier plants creating healthier animals - a win win win.

• Low Tillage, low sprays, lower need for irrigation. When soil is ploughed it opens the carbon in the soil up to the atmosphere , it oxidises and is emitted back into the atmosphere. With ReGen seeds are largely direct drilled into the soil saving this carbon loss and saving tractor time. Also old pasture doesn’t need to be left fallow like traditional systems so it means less spray. These healthier more diverse soils also retain moisture better. So fewer hours on the tractor and fewer sprays is a win for the farm expenses and healthier for the farm and better water retention is a win for our dry summers.

All up that seems like a bunch of wins and feels like we can create more, whilst using less. In fact maybe that is that neat definition …’ creating more, whilst using less’ .

We are soon to be planting more ReGen pastures this spring. Trialling different mixes in different locations and can't wait to share this with you.

Lastly - and this is not scientific at all - we just think the sheep look happy when they wonder onto a ReGen pasture. Have a look at these videos - one from summer one from winter —

What do you think ? The Team at LHS