Why hunt with LHS?

LHS is a completely free range hunters paradise. Located on the eastern side of the southern alps in some of the best hunting country in New Zealand, we differentiate from other operators by providing a unique adventure experience where the history, ecology and biodiversity of the property is part of the hunt as we link in different aspects of the ecosystem and farming operation to give a true wild hunt. We are fortunate to have some of the best free range red stag genetics in New Zealand with no supplementary genetics like most properties.

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“My son taking his first deer at LHS is a memory that will stay with me forever. Finn, there are those few days that allow you to forget the pressure of time and truly enjoy the blessing of nature and friendship. Thank-you for your knowledge, patience and skills in creating one of those special days a father and son will never forget"

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Red Deer Fallow Pigs Chamois Tahr

The stags that roam here are pure and from the first liberation of big game animals in 1871 in the same Lindis catchment. While there are good numbers and encounters with trophies are likely, we boundary public land and often hunt on public land outside the 16,000 acres of property so there are no controlled variables like on other hunts.

These animals are as wild as the hills and we have incredible respect for them. The red stag roar is late March - early April, and the Chamois and Tahr rut May - June, however we offer year round hunts.

Accommodation is in the form of cottages near the farm house or tents and huts depending on the scale of adventure you are after. Horses may also be used to access some areas and can be included in a hunt. We cater to any fitness level or hunting experience.




New Zealand has no native mammals so all the animals are introduced and grow in numbers exponentially with damaging effects on our flora if not managed correctly. We are incredibly lucky to have the full range of south island species diversity which not many places can offer. Tahr, Chamois, red deer, fallow deer and pigs are all available to hunt with rifle or bow. Small game species include, rabbits, hares, quails, possums and stoats. The fishing is also world class in the area and something we are happy to discuss.

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