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Alpine Liberation

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A brief introduction to Lake Hawea Station.

The book ‘The secret Wisdom of Nature’ by Peter Wohlleben says ‘Nature is like a mechanism in an enormous clock. Everything is neatly arranged and interconnected’. At Lake Hawea Station we will ensure that everyone working on the Station understands the delicate balance and that every entity has a purpose and a role in this unique ecosystem. We needed to liberate our minds. A new approach to farming this historic sheep and beef station one that puts the ecosystem first.

Alpine Liberation 01
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The first step taken by the new owners in 2018 was to fence a stunning mature Kowhai Grove. In doing so the Kowhai themselves, their seedlings and other juvenile natives were liberated from years of stock invasion. Then they liberated a 35m strip along the lake. Planted ten thousand trees. Creating a new native forest and also fencing off the stations seven kilometers of lake front from stock.

Next, they looked to the critically endangered species. How can we support/liberate these?

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