Our People

Geoff, Justine, Finn and Gabe Ross are proud and passionate kiwis.

Geoff Ross was born and raised on a dairy and deer farm south of Auckland. He attended Lincoln University where he graduated with a B Com (Agricultural). In 2018 he received a Doctor of Commerce from Lincoln recognising his achievements as a serial entrepreneur. He founded 42 Below and was a director and chairman of The Trilogy Group and the Savor Group. Geoff has been a trustee of Melanoma NZ and the Endangered Species Foundation. He is currently a trustee of Pure Advantage New Zealand and a board member of New Zealand Natural Fibres. He was in the New Zealand Free Diving Squad and is a keen Hunter and conservationist and climate lobbyist.

Justine Ross was born into a farming family – her mother was raised on a dairy farm and her father on an orchard. A trained speech language therapist, Justine also graduated with distinction from the London School of Journalism. She has been a trustee of The Rising Foundation, Play it Strange Charitable Trust and a judge of the AMP Do Your Thing Awards. She is now on the board of United Nations Women Aotearoa New Zealand. In 2010 Justine co-authored the best-selling book Every Bastard Says No: The 42 Below Story. She launched a tourism business at Lake Hāwea Station in 2020 which was awarded a Condé Nast Gold award for 2023. She is a keen hiker, traveller and climate lobbyist.

Together, Geoff and Justine are involved in mentoring and investing in start-up businesses. They share a passion for entrepreneurial spirit in New Zealand. They have two sons. Finn - a published climate scientist and founder of; CarbonZ and Gabe - Otago University Student and founder of; The Weekend Mish.

Finn is a Deakin University PhD candidate, a university of Canterbury First Class Honours Alumni and a Provost Scholarship Recipient to the University of California Davis where he studied Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology. His undergraduate was in Ecology and Economics. His PhD is researching Seaweed as a natural climate solution. He was the founder of several past ventures including The Seaweed Solution, Bomb Bucha, the co-founder of not for profit charity Let Them Fish and contributor to Live Ocean. Currently Finn leads Carbonz, Future Farmers NZ and the Both Sides Now podcast. He is a passionate free diver, naturalist, hunter, fisherman, surfer, adventurer and climate activist.

Gabriel is at University in Otago studying a BCom & BA in entrepreneurship with a particular interest in film and wildlife photography. He has recently co founded a content creation company The Weekend Mish. Gabe is also a keen hunter, surfer, fisherman and National Spearfishing Competitor. He is an accomplished cricketer and has graduated Grade 8 Trinity Speech and Drama.

All three Ross boys are musicians and when not outside can be found composing and jamming together.

Lake Hawea Station is the permanent home to the Ross Family.

Justine and Geoff are proud of the team who have united to take Lake Hawea Station forward. They are dedicated professionals with a diverse and deep skill set. They live the values of the station. Environment, People, Innovation. 


The Team

Finn Ross

PHD Candidate, Carbon, Biodiversity and Sustainability Director

Justine Ross


Geoff Ross


Jack Mansfield

Farm Manager

Gabe Ross

Director of fisheries

Lochy Hutton


Grace Carruthers

Ambassador Abroad

John Ross


Richie Laming
Master in Ecology.
LHS Educator - offering immersive Backcountry and Nature Experiences

Peter Lyons
Our shearing team

Justine Skogstad

Head of Tourism and Client Services

The General - Builds and Fixes anything the ultimate in sustainability