At the juncture of farming and the climate and biodiversity crisis. LHS is regeneratively farming for a sustainable future for farming

Lake Hawea Station is New Zealand’s premier regenerative High Country sheep and beef Station. Situated in the spectacular Queenstown Lakes District. The property enjoys uninterrupted views of the picturesque Lake Hawea to the West and North and alpine, tussock and beech forest ranges to the East.

The 6505 ha property currently runs a flock of purebred Merino sheep, with a focus on high value lamb and fine wool and purebred Angus cattle, with a focus on high intramuscular fat bloodlines. The station ranges from high performing flats to sub-alpine scrub to rolling alpine tussock.

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Super Fine Premium Merino Wool
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LHS Kowhai Black

We have set lofty goals to protect and enhance our waterways, conserve and restore biodiversity and introduce regenerative farming practices. Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees - we are well on our way. We have created a carbon budget that shows we are climate positive and we will now work to becoming ten times climate positive. We have introduced a range of renewable energy sources from solar and hydro and expect to eliminate fossil fuel powered vehicles over the whole property when safe options are available. We are planning to trial methane reducing seaweed based supplements.

At a farming level we will look to use EID recording for high performance selection. We are introducing the best high performance genetics available.

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Nutrient management, water quality and sustainability is critical to the team at Lake Hawea Station. To improve the fragile soils that we operate with, we have introduced regenerative farming practices, completed a nutrient budget and Overseer calculations. Once nutrient levels are at a practical farming level we will introduce a high level of organic based fertilisers.

To achieve the above the property is executing a significant development program on infrastructure, native plantings, buildings, stock fences, ground clearing, stock water, waterway fencing, new pasture species and animal handling facilities. We use Agrisea seaweed tonics with our sheep and have introduced new animal welfare practices for shearing.

We aspire to produce more from less and believe productivity and profitability can work hand in hand with biodiversity and environmental improvement, alongside a business model that is also sustainable and profitable.


Bringing it with technology

Technology is considered a critical opportunity to help us meet our objectives. At Lake Hawea Station we are using:

Farm IQ is an invaluable tool.

We are partnered with Garmin for safety.

Direct drilling, scanning are examples of livestock and agronomy strategies which help us sustainably farm.

The Farm
The Farm Vehicles

Landpro has mapped the entire station using high resolution aerial photography this ensures we have access to state of the art technology for land use decisions.

Lake Hawea Station is reviewing the latest technology for monitoring soil, crops and for feeding and weeding. This type
of technology ensures that you only respond with water or any applications when there is a need. Robots can cut energy used in cultivation by about 90%.

EID recording for high performance stock selection – less with more!

The Farm Technology